You Still Need Printed Marketing Collateral. Here’s Why.

Marketing Materials |Jamie Jorczak web + graphic design

We are an online world, where people are more likely to look up your Facebook page than your Yellow Book listing. Your online presence is important, but your marketing plan should also include print materials, also known as collateral.

Real life connections are even more powerful than digital connections. You represent your brand every day in your community, and people trust and want to work with someone they know. You should also be attending as many industry related events as possible, and need collateral to distribute so that potential clients can contact you after the event.

The great news is that your color scheme, font choices, and amazing logo you created for online use will get new life on your print materials.

A lot of the content and copy you’ve already worked so hard on will be used as you create brochures. It’s a great way to get more for your money.

Keep your business card design as simple and memorable as possible. You don’t need to cram a ton of information onto that tiny card. Your business card is a professional representation of your brand, and a memory jogger to lead that potential client back to your website to find out more about working with you.

Becoming a known expert in your field is the best way to become a trusted brand in your industry.

Consider repurposing your blog posts into leaflets to hand out when you do a presentation on a related subject. It gives a big boost of confidence to know that you’re handing out well done materials when you present to a group. And don’t forget to include a call-to-action in anything you distribute.

Print materials allow you an alternate, less chaotic marketing avenue. Sending “snail mail” is actually still an attention-getter, even when many companies have abandoned direct mail — especially if you’re advertising locally. Print materials can have a much longer shelf life in homes and offices than a website or social media page.

A postcard, business card or brochure can be a reminder of your company for years.

While you can always find free templates online, we strongly encourage you to think of your print materials like you do your website. Your print and online materials should be visually cohesive, keeping consistency in your brand.

And like your website, this is no time to slap together a DIY product — hire a graphic designer to create polished, professional collateral.

This is a huge opportunity- you are connecting your online presence to your real life presence. Contact us for a quote on designs for printed marketing materials.